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Do you want cheap travel or value?

July 2, 2009

These days too many people think they can do what a travel agent does just by going online and booking their airfare, hotel and even vacation plans. The internet has enabled this for for you. Ask yourself, how much is your time worth? How long did it take you? You may have received the best price, but did you receive the best value? Instead of staying at that budget property, or sailing in an inside cabin,you may have been able to have obtained a nicer room at a nicer property/cruiseline for the same price, or have your breakfasts included, or resort/shipboard credit or receive other freebies.You may not know that hotel is inder construction or what is next door. Is it hurricane or monsoon season? Mosquito time? You will never know if you dont check with a professional travel agent. I can see a cheap airfare, since most airlines these days have forgotten what it used to be like to travel other than maybe Virgin or JetBlue but do you want to trust your hard-earned vacation dollars to a computer website? If you value your time, value the experience and  knowledge of a professional, you owe it to yourself to consult with a travel agent and let them book it for you!  Dont just use them for their info, let them do the best for you! You’re worth it arent you?

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