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Experienced Travel Professional helps stranded entertainer

July 1, 2009

As you can imagine, after 25 years working with celebrities, entertainers,upscale & corporate travelers, one knows how to pull strings and get things done! I received a phone call last night that my well-known entertainer had missed her flight from Buenos Aires to La. She was told by the airline there was no business class seats available from Miami-La and was waitlisted. The airline only waitlisted her in ONE class of service. (There are sometimes 2-3). When I first viewed the flights, it looked grim. I had to go to an appointment so thought I would call the airline in route. I contacted the airline, to see if they could priority waitlist her and I was told by 3 different agents they do not do this. They didnt even know what I was talking about!! (I know for a fact that they can!). It’s the case of the “order-taker” reservation agent not wanting to go the extra step or not really caring. Remember the expression”there are 3 types of people, 1 who watches what happens, 1 who wonders what happens and 1 WHO MAKES THINGS HAPPEN!  Well, being the makes things happen person I am, when I was back in front of my computer, with a few moments,  I was able to maneuver my way through the system and get my client confirmed. She is now on her flight home to La as we speak . This is just one example of why you should use an expereinced, professional travel agent. This is one of the numerous examples of excellent customer service and knowing the business as well as I do that have made me successful for over 25 years and keeps a strong following of satisfied clients and referrals too! Become a “Wize Traveler”! (

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